Online events are a great way to attract, engage and convert your audience. Let's unlock the power of virtual for your brand!


For a long time online events have had only one form - webinar. It's time to reinvent the playbook. From worldwide brainstorming sessions to your brand's own "Netflix style" online show - virtual events are changing the way people engage with you online.

What is great about virtual events:

  • Lower costs and production time compared to offline events

  • Unlimited possibilities: worldwide coverage, high number of attendees, variety of formats

  • Precise analytics and clear results: unlike with in-person events, every single detail is measured and tracked. Thus giving you in-depth information about the audience and event's impact on your business


Whether you have to adapt your demand strategy due to the world's pandemic or if you are looking to try new channels to engage your audience - I will guide you through the process and ensure successful implementation. 


What I can do for you:

  • Develop fully virtual or integrated event strategy for your business

  • Adapt existing offline event or create unique online event for your brand 

  • Audit your existing event strategy and enhance it to meet the expectations of the new reality


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